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Flamingo Suncover | Glasses Case

Flamingo Suncover | Glasses Case

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The flamingo has long become a fashion symbol, the ballerina among birds, graceful and with the courage to use color. The sociable animal does not come alone even on the SunCover. The artistic print makes you think of exotic places, where the flamingo pairs, which often stay together for life, peacefully stand on one leg. Embossing gives the print a three-dimensional look, and the luxurious gold-plated hardware completes the claim to quality. The suncover keeps your sunglasses safe.

And this is how the cool EYE-ccessory works: Place the lenses between the soft, protective microfiber pads and close the case with its emblem-shaped push button under the nose bridge of the glasses. Now just fold the temples closed and hang the suncover on your handbag.

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