Frame Refurbishing Services

Do you have a pair of glasses that you absolutely love and don’t want to part with? Is it calcified and scratched? Or maybe your dog got ahold of it? The technicians at Oculus are here to help! Send us your frame for evaluation. We will let you know if there is hope for you.

Level 1 – $75
For light to medium wear and tear, dullness, and mild calcification
Treatment: One round of manual polishing in-house by a skilled technician

Level 2 – $125 *Most Common*
For moderate wear and tear, moderate calcification, and minor dings and scratches
Treatment: Two rounds of manual polishing in-house by a skilled technician with special attention to problem areas

Level 3 – $175
Advanced wear, heavy calcification, and deep scratches and blemishes.
Treatment: Multiple rounds of manual polishing over multiple sittings done in-house by a team of skilled technicians with specialized treatment for deep scratches, dings, and blemishes

Level 4 – $250 (and up)
MIRACLE POLISH! Due to an unfortunate event usually involving your frames becoming your puppy’s new chew toy.
Treatment: Sent out to our specialists for evaluation to work their magic.

All refurbishments include:
Shipping both ways (UPS ground or USPS domestic)
Deep cleaning
Tightened screws
Microfiber cloth
Lens Cleaner

Simply send your frame (with tracking and insurance) to our showroom:

2430 S. IH 35  Suite #110
San Marcos, TX 78666

Be sure to include your contact information!