Brand Spotlight - Robert La Roche


The idea and creation of Robert La Roche, came from the designer of the same name in Austria, 1973. La Roche stood out during his time with the company due to his wonderful, creative designs. Along with amazing design, Robert made it a point to imbue his frames with authentic artisanship. The intentions to create glasses of the highest quality are made very clear just by handling the frames themselves. Handcrafted and naturally sourced acetate from Italy and light weight, yet strong, titanium from Japan, combine to give us some of the most fashion forward frames to date.

Since his retirement in 1999, La Roche has entrusted the company to the current managing Director, Kamilia Kusz, to continue to push the boundaries in the eyeglass fashion industry, while retaining the zeitgeist established by Robert himself. This year, Robert La Roche celebrates 50 years of business, and in celebration, has released frame designs from the past five decades in their Essentials collection. La Roche has also partnered with young Austrian designer, Christoph Rumpf, to release a collection of some of the most unique and trend-setting frames the industry has seen. And thankfully, you can get them at Oculus Eyewear.


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